How to find the ideal plumber for your home?


When hiring a plumber, there are several factors that you must take into account to find the best one for your home. Since the supply of professionals in the market can be very high, these factors can help you, so that you can be sure that an expert plumber can fix any problem you have. Read below the tips that we have prepared with the help of Green Planet Plumbing.

Find the perfect plumber

When you have to choose a plumbing company that offers you quality and experience, you are going to be able to find many different offers in the market. And you need help urgently: the house is leaking!

However, not all of them offer the same quality in the work carried out, so you must take into account several aspects that will help you find the ideal expert. Green Planet Plumbing can make your job easier, so take note.

Previous budget

Most plumbing professionals budget in advance before starting work. The purpose is to let you know the total price of the service to be performed, including your visit, parts and labor, thus avoiding surprises at the end of the job.

In the case of needing a new material or piece, they must tell you before accepting it. In addition, preliminary estimates can be free (unless the task of discovering and repairing your fault requires a work or is complicated), without this implying a contract commitment.

If there is a non-binding estimate and you do not agree with the service, you are not obliged to pay, even if you have the budget on the table. But it is good to confirm, before the visit, that the budget will be without obligation.


Professional license or card

To ensure that whoever visits you is a professional, you must request the license, accredited professional certificate or professional card. This document will certify the training and knowledge of the plumber in the work that he will carry out in your home. This license or card is issued by the autonomous communities.

It is recommended to choose a plumber with a multi-year license, as they have more experience compared to those who received the permit recently.

And in case of refusing to show you the license or equivalent professional document issued by your professional association, there will be no guarantee that ensures that it is a professional, and you may suffer more damage to your home.

The license is a document that they must have with them at the time of the work, regardless of whether they work individually or with a plumbing company.


The options available in the market can be many and in case of not being an emergency, we recommend you take your time and calmly look for the right plumber. Or more than one, asking two or more professionals for a quote.

So you can compare the quotes they offer you for the same job, analyze their experience, call them and ask them any questions and doubts you have. In short, everything you need so that you can hire the most suitable plumber to solve the needs of your home.

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It is not recommended to hire the first plumber you find, as you can get better prices with the same quality.


You can also ask family and friends to recommend a plumber that they have previously hired. An opinion from someone close to you can assure you of a professional trained to work on any problems found in the pipes in your home.

In the same way, you can search for opinions and evaluations on the Internet of other users, in order to have a more solid opinion regarding the service, in order to find the right one.

Types of services

Depending on the problem that your home presents, you can choose between one and the other. If the pipes are clogged, you can hire a plumber who specializes in unblocking. If you want to empty a pit, hire experts in this sector.

In case the problem is not urgent, you do not have to hire an emergency service, since its value may be a little higher. The reason is that these professionals have surcharges for their work on holidays or untimely hours.

This allows them to know what equipment, tools and materials are needed, offering more possibilities for a more professional job in your home.

Before hiring a plumber, you can ask him what he is specialized in, in order to know if he can offer you the solution you are looking for.

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Taking into account all the aspects mentioned so far, it may be easier to find a plumber who is professional and can solve the problem you are suffering within your home.

What problems do they usually fix?

There are several situations in which hiring plumbers can be the perfect solution, even when the problem may seem easy to fix.

These professionals mostly handle blockages that may occur in pipes, since they are used frequently for a long time. This causes food, hair or any other waste to go down them and end up accumulating at some point in the pipe, especially in the sink, thus generating bad odors.

The experts are in charge of unblocking the pipe, cleaning it and carrying out the necessary maintenance so that it works optimally again and the water can flow without problems.

In the same way, you can avoid throwing waste or food down the sink, since in this way you will avoid this situation.

They can also fix cisterns that are damaged, since despite having a design and resistance to intense use, they can sometimes be damaged. Their damage can vary, from problems with the suction mechanism, to water leaks that impair the integrity of the house.

In any case, they repair any type of problem thanks to the teams with which they already have their experience. If your taps start to leak, despite closing them, plumbers can offer you the solution you need. Whether due to misuse or deterioration, the experts identify the problem and thus can offer a service tailored to it.

And if the shower also leaks, which can happen for the same reason as with the taps, the plumbers can change the necessary parts or seal them with waterproof materials, in order to eliminate the drip and thus avoid wasting water.


On the other hand, if you need to empty your septic tank since it generates bad odors, you can count on the necessary tanker trucks, as well as proper waste management, to get rid of all the waste that could harm the well-being of your home.

Thanks to all these factors, you will be able to find a suitable plumber for the jobs you need to do in your home. Take into account the treatment they offer, ask for the license and a previous budget, listen to recommendations and investigate to find the perfect plumbing expert to fix the jams or leaks that are damaging the integrity of your home and harming the well-being of your family.

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