Can Pink Diamonds Become A New Alternative best Investment Refuge?

Can Pink Diamonds Become A New Alternative Investment Refuge?

According to Karen, spokesperson for Argyle Diamond Investments, the reason for strict security measures is obvious, as $ 220 million worth of pink diamonds circulate daily in this building.

Brought by buyers and sellers, the pink diamonds enter the center as raw stones, and then come out after being refined and cut.

The huge amount of work within this center has placed it among the best centers in the diamond industry worldwide. Like gold, the diamond becomes attractive to pink diamond investors when the stock market regresses.

Pink Diamond Investments

During this period, global equity indices such as the Dow Jones in New York, and the DAX in Frankfurt dropped due to the global financial crisis and worries about rising public debt in the US and in Europe.

Indeed, diamond prices tend to be more stable than gold prices. Argyle Diamond Investments says that “precious stones retain their value”.

While the price of gold is usually determined by weight, the value of any diamond is determined by four factors, known as “4C”: carat, clarity, color and cut. Pink diamonds differ considerably from each other, so it is difficult to compare them.

The global pink diamond trade is controlled by the “Kimberley Process”, a documentation system that gives each diamond a certificate of origin. This process aims to prevent the use of diamonds in the financing of wars.

And civil strife in stone-producing countries, and to deal with the illicit trade in this precious stone, whose income is used to finance criminal activities in the country. whole world.

Pink Diamond Investments

At the same time, pink diamond production is not limited to mines; this stone is produced in industries since the fifties.

In 2017, a physicist and his team at the University of Augsburg succeeded in producing a 155-carat diamond, one of the largest industrial diamonds in the world. 

Although the industrial pink diamond is less attractive to investors and stone enthusiasts, it attracts much more industry sectors, especially high-end electronics manufacturers.

Industrial pink diamond has the same characteristics as natural diamond, but it is 25% cheaper. However, the differences between industrial diamond and natural pink diamond can not be detected without a laboratory test. Many global institutions such as the Institute of document diamond pieces with special certificates.

Unlike industrial diamond, getting new quantities of natural pink diamond has become more difficult. Resentments says the construction of a mine takes 10 to 15 years, and the past 10 years have seen modest rough diamond reserves, noting that most of the current pink diamond mines are about to close.

Pink Diamond Investments

Resentments predicts that interest in colored diamonds is increasing and says prices for yellow, blue and pink diamonds have actually increased.

However, investors still face a big problem: how would they trust the investment of their money in diamonds that they do not buy or examine directly?

One of the answers is in Argyle Diamond Investments, which indicates that it is the first market for online diamond trading. It deals with standard diamonds, however, this may still be a matter of trust.

Argyle Diamond Investments says diamonds are not a quick way to make money, it’s more like “investing in valuable paintings and artifacts”.

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