Garage doors: the different best solutions of the market

Garage doors: the different solutions of the market

When building a house, the individual usually builds a garage to protect his car, store his tools and close the house. It is therefore important to study the different solutions of garage doors depending on the opening, the practicality (motorized garage door or not), the aesthetics … The garage doors must be practical, but also aesthetic.

Garage doors:

What type of opening to choose for a garage door?

When the individual will want to install a garage door, the first criterion to consider is going to be the type of opening. Indeed, depending on the location of your client’s house (sloping ground, garage that gives directly on a street, little back to open …), all garage doors can not be installed. You can propose to your client between different kinds of garage door (standard garage door, sectional or tilting garage door for example).

– Sectional garage doors.

The sectional door is widespread. Its big advantage is that it takes up little space, it is ideal for a garage which gives directly on street or for small spaces. It also has a very good insulation. It works like a rolling shutter by sliding on two vertical rails and two horizontal rails on the ceiling. When the door is open, it is stored on the ceiling. Your customer can choose between a manual or motorized sectional garage door. The disadvantage is the price, it is one of the most expensive doors.

– Tilting garage doors.

The garage doors tilting is also widespread, it is very classic and is one of the cheapest on the market. This type of door has a single panel that swings up when opening. The door will then come to lodge parallel to the ceiling. Be careful, the overhead doors are not suitable for garages along public roads because they encroach on the outside when opening and closing. They will also be less insulating than sectional garage doors (especially for first prices).

– Roll-up garage doors.

This type of garage door will save space. Ideal when there is little space. When opening, the manual or motorized garage doors will wind up in a trunk (such as a roller shutter). Disadvantage: the high price.

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– Swinging garage doors.

The swing door can be a double or single garage door. The leaf opens outward, so be careful, you have to have plenty of room outside to open it.The advantage is that this type of door preserves all the space inside the garage. Another advantage: the swing garage door is cheap.

– Sliding garage doors.

Unlike the sectional garage door the sliding door will open along the wall and not to the ceiling. It will not overflow on the street, and there is no need for hindsight. Another advantage is that you can get in and out of the garage without opening it completely. Attention, the wall on which will open the door must be cleared so as not to hinder the discharge inside.

– Folding garage doors.

This is the same principle as the sliding door, the folding door opens inside along the wall. The door folds back on itself like an accordion. Be careful, allow some space inside to allow opening. Another disadvantage: this garage door can not be motorized.

Advantages and disadvantages of different types of garage door opening:

Sectional garage door– Takes up little space- Good insulation- Possibility of motorization– Price
Tilting garage door– Price– Need of place in front of the garage for the opening- Insulating
Roll-up garage door– Space saving– High price
Swing garage door– Price- Preserves all the space inside the garage– Requires a lot of room outside for opening
Sliding garage door– Do not overflow on the street- Possibility to open it only partially– Provide space along the wall for opening the door
Folding garage door– No need for space outside– Requires room inside (side where the door opens)- Not possible to motorize it

Make the choice of garage door operator:

The garage door can be manual or motorized. Even if an electric garage door provides comfort, the price will be much higher. Attention, all types of doors can not have a motor. Before choosing the type of opening of your garage door, it is important to define first whether you want an automatic garage door or not. We will elaborate on this point in the following chapter.

What material for a garage door:

The choice of material will be according to the needs and expectations of your client. What are its objectives ? Good insulation? The aesthetic? Security ? Garage doors can be designed in different materials: wood, aluminum, steel, PVC. Each of these materials will have advantages and disadvantages.

– Steel garage door.

Advantages: The steel is very resistant and has a good longevity. For good insulation, double-walled models (integrated insulation) should be preferred. Steel will be available in many colors.Disadvantages: Higher price than for other materials (especially double wall). Attention also to the insulation in single wall. The steel can rust, it will be necessary to apply a treatment anti corrosive on the door.

– Aluminum garage door.

Advantages: Aluminum is light and resistant. It is a material that does not rust, so it does not need maintenance. It is also the ideal material for a motorized garage door.

Disadvantages: The aluminum garage door is less insulating and remains quite expensive (cost higher than a wooden door or PVC)

– Wooden garage door.

Advantages: The wooden garage door offers a very good resistance to bad weather. It is an insulating material, it offers good thermal qualities. This type of door is often chosen for its aesthetic and warm side. More affordable price than aluminum and steel.Disadvantages: The wood requires maintenance, it must be treated IF H (insecticide, fungicide, water repellent) and claims two layers of stains once a year. Another disadvantage: it is not the ideal material for an electric garage door because the wood is quite heavy.

– PVC garage door.

Advantages: The PVC garage door is the one that costs the least. It does not require maintenance. Ideal for a house by the sea because PVC withstands bad weather, wind and salt.

Disadvantages: The color passes easily over time. Less resistance.

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Automatism: automatic or manual garage door?

The ideal is to choose from the beginning a garage door with integrated motorization. This will bring your customer more comfort and security. At the safety level, the motorization ensures the automatic locking of the door once closed. In the event of a break-in, the garage door motor may be counter-forced.A motorized garage door also increases the service life of the opening system. If your customer opts for an electric garage door, he will have the choice between:

– a per-motorized garage door

– a garage door + the acquisition of an independent garage door operator.

The different types of garage door operator

There are four types of garage door automation on the market:

– The arm drive:

The leaves of the garage door are pulled by articulated arms.

– The motorization chain, belt, or worm:

This garage door motor is a system that attaches to the ceiling. It adapts according to the height of the door, but also according to the weight. It is this solution that is used for the motorization of a tilting garage door.

– The axial tubular motorization:

This system is only suitable for rolling garage. The door will wrap around a motorized axis that is fixed above the opening.

– The rack motorisation:

Here, the motor moves on a rail. He accompanies the movement of the door.

This is ideal for a motorized sectional garage door or for a motorized sliding garage door.

The installation of an electric garage door

The motorization can be integrated into the garage door during the purchase. This is the simplest solution.But it is also possible to install a motorization on an existing garage door.Before starting the installation of an electric garage door or automation on an existing door, it is necessary to have provided a 230 V power supply.The installation of a garage door (especially if it is automated) is difficult. It is important to ask a professional so that the installation of the garage doors is done in the rules of art and that you are safe from any worries with your insurer (risk of break-in if the door reveals a big day on the ground once closed for example). Without a bill of installation by a professional provided in case of disaster or burglary, it can be difficult to be compensated …

Garage door: price and VAT:

Garage door price.

The price of a garage door will depend on many parameter: What kind of opening? Which material? Is the garage door motorized? For a non-motorized PVC garage door, prices can start at 150/300 euros, and this can go up to 4500 euros for a sectional garage door motorized steel or aluminum.Then, it is necessary to count the price of the installation of the garage door by a professional which varies generally between 300 and 900 euros. This price depends on the type of door, the difficulty of the installation, if there is a motor …

VAT and aids for the installation of a garage door:

The installation and installation of a garage door and its motorization may be eligible for VAT at a reduced rate of 10%.

-Garage door and helpers.

You will not be able to benefit from a tax credit or aid devices (Eco-premiums, Eco-PT Z) for the installation of a garage door, even if it is very insulating.But, the installation of a garage door is part of home improvement work and you can benefit from a reduced rate of VAT (rate of 10%). To benefit from the reduced VAT for the purchase and the installation of a garage door, it will be necessary to respect the conditions below:

– Housing built at least two years ago (excludes new construction)

– The purchase and installation of the garage door must be done by a professional who will give you a certificate

– Primary or secondary residence

– To be able to justify your work with the tax authorities, keep the bills at least 5 years after the work

If these criteria are not respected, the standard VAT rate will apply (20%).

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