How can Mediation help you?


In the following article we’re going to briefly explain the reasons why trying Mediation can be a good option when you have a dispute or problem before going directly to trial and suffering all the negative consequences that this entails.

Consequences such as time spent, nerves, money or the loss of relationships during the litigation, which will give rise to occasions where despite the fact that the final judgment is favorable to the interests of one party and is the winner in the trial, does not end up finding full satisfaction.

As we already know, Mediation is a totally voluntary way where the parties will try to resolve a conflict of any kind, such as a family dispute, a neighborhood conflict, a company or any other type, with the help of a mediator. who will act as a facilitator.

But what important advantages does it have? What added value can it bring to your conflicts?

We start with the 6 reasons to use Mediation, which from my point of view are the most important to opt for this peaceful way;

1. More agile processes and less time spent

In the first place, the agility provided by the Mediation process helps to reduce the tension, exhaustion and uncertainty that the lengthy judicial processes generate in people. According to data from the World Bank, the same problem could be solved 5 times faster by going to it.

It is a much cheaper process, which can achieve up to 76% savings compared to the judicial process. It can be used as a preliminary route and if it is not possible to reach an agreement, in no case does it close the door of going before the judge.

mediation in workplace

2. Cheaper processes

With Mediation, expenses such as procedural costs, lawyers, attorneys and other concepts that will make the process cheaper to resolve your conflict are eliminated.

3. Protagonism and control of the parties

The protagonism of the parties in Mediation is one of the most important reasons when opting for this way of resolving disputes. The parties acquire control of the process and will be in charge of reaching an agreement that is beneficial to them. In addition, its agreements are more durable and achieve a higher compliance rate as they are not imposed by a third party.

4. Improved relationships

The fourth reason that we can cite is the improvement of relationships for which Mediation is committed, since with the help of the mediator it is going to affect an improvement in Communication, stopping the escalation of small conflicts and helping to prevent future disputes between the parties.

workplace mediation

5. Total confidentiality of the process

The confidentiality of the process, a commitment signed by the parties and the mediator that will ensure a duty to keep secret of everything that is discussed during the Mediation sessions.

A very important aspect, and for which more and more companies in our country go to Mediation to resolve their conflicts.

6. Flexible and close process

The last of the reasons for using Mediation that we’re going to cite, and one of the most important from my point of view is the proximity and flexibility that this process offers.

Mediation is a process that is perfectly adapted to the needs and interests of the parties, creating a space to talk about everything that may concern us in a close and intimate environment where an expert in conflict management such as the Mediator will have. The objective is to bring the positions closer together and help to generate agreement options that can satisfy the parties that encounter a problem that is affecting them.

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The flexibility offered by Mediation provides greater facilities to the parties when negotiating, accommodating their schedules for holding sessions, innovating agreements and even the possibility of carrying out the mediation process on-line.

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