How to buy a men’s best engagement ring?

engagement ring

Symbol of a lasting commitment, the men’s engagement ring cannot be bought at random but is selected according to the person for whom it is intended. Quality, aesthetics, budget, or symbolism, all these criteria come into account in the choice of an ring which must also meet certain specificities related to the male public. Indeed, whether it is for a men’s bracelet or a men’s silver ring , these gentlemen are rather difficult customers for whom to choose a piece of jewelry!

What are the criteria for selecting a men’s engagement ring?

The engagement ring for men is usually more sober than a ring for women. However, there are something for everyone, ranging from the most discreet to the most imposing rings. Since these engagement ring are not systematically set with a precious stone, the choice of the ring alloy is decisive. It must be said that noble metals are very appreciated by men, they are present in the majority of models of rings for men. More precisely, it is the metals with silvery colors which are the most used, namely noble metals such as platinum, white gold, and silver.

In addition, each of these metals has its own symbolism and properties. In the tradition of engagement, platinum symbolizes purity and eternity. It is a rare metal, sober, and very resistant to time. It is therefore the ideal material for an ring worn every day.

engagement ring

White gold is also a prestigious metal, its use is frequent on engagement rings. It is reputed to be resistant and easy to maintain. Silver is considered a noble metal accessible to the greatest number. Its neutral tone is very popular because it allows to combine wonderfully the metal with a colored gemstone. The men’s engagement ring can be set with a precious stone, in particular one or more diamonds. Still in this spirit of sobriety, the stones are laid in a discreet style to reflect quality and elegance.

What budget to devote to it?

It is irrelevant to think that the budget to spend on an engagement ring should be commensurate with the buyer’s income. An ring is not distinguished by its price, nor by its brand, but by the quality of the materials used and their level of finish.

These two criteria, however, have a major impact on the final price of a ring: Platinum is more expensive than silver, and a ring set with a large diamond will be more expensive than a ring accompanied by any stone. The prices for a noble metal engagement ring start from a few hundred euros for a simple ring, and go up to several thousand euros for a ring set with precious stones.

Create your own men’s engagement ring :

The engagement ring for man being an original and atypical jewel, why not opt ​​for a ring which would be just as much? More and more jewelers are offering their customers the opportunity to design their own jewelry. We can thus create a totally unique and personalized engagement ring according to the tastes of its recipient.

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