New Models Motorbike Spares Of Classic Motorcycle Parts

motorbike spares

New models of motorbike spares arrive at Motorcycles . Fully renovated or updated vehicles and new vehicles with new features and benefits. All this under the seal of quality of the Racing brand.

Motos parts is characterized by adapting to the needs of the market and the demands of customers. With this objective, the company constantly renews its product stock. In this case, it is in the sector of electric scooters where the brand has updated its already extensive catalog.

At Motorcycles you will find all scooters , both the new models and the usual ones. In addition, motos guarantees that it has the best prices on the market for electric bike.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

New Motorbike Spares Electric Catalog

Among the new motorcycle electric models , we can highlight:

Motorcycle Parts of 20mm scooter

The most powerful model in the Racing range. With a real 2000W motor and 5 12V / 12Ah (60V) batteries. This vehicle has, among many other features, a wooden platform, odometer and strong 6’5 ″ inch wheels.

Motorcycle Parts of 16mm scooter

The new 1600W Motorcycle scooter replaces older 1500W models. With 4 12V / 12Ah lead / acid batteries, it has a greater autonomy than all the models in its sector. It also has a wooden platform, xenon light and LED tail light.

Motorcycle Parts of 10mm scooter

A unique vehicle within the range of 1000W scooters. It has greater autonomy and resistance than the others and also comes with new tires of 6´5 ″ inches that allow it to circulate almost on any surface.

Motorcycle Parts of 36mm scooter

It is the electric skate brother of the 1000W 48V model. It has the same characteristics as the previous model, battery charge indicator, safety fuse, LED lights … The only difference is its batteries, it has 3 units of 12V / 12Ah that provide up to 15km, approximately, of useful life for load.

Motorcycle Parts of 26mm scooter

The ideal model for the little ones. This scooter features a wooden platform and an aluminum rear suspension. It is easily foldable and removable and is recommended for children between 6 and 10 years old.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Where to buy motorbike spares parts

Now you know them, what are you waiting to see them? Enter come to our facilities in the motor bike engin and let yourself be surprised by our new models of electric bike. Soon we will inform from here of the new gasoline scooters from .

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