7 sins (Wineries There is no life without sin)

7 sins (Wineries There is no life without sin)

“There is no life without sin” is the original concept of these wines masterfully carried out by the Wineries  studio.

7 different and unique bottles that revere the seven most important vices, a daring and complex design that is sold in a single pack with the seven bottles to tempt the consumer with the beauty and flavor of their wines.

This design could not be less since it Wineries comes from the hand of the great couture designer David Delfín, a label and bottle of wine that plays with ambiguity, since it takes you by the hand with its image to the haute couture perfumes being a red wine.


This Rio Jana winery has us accustomed to collaborations with artists but without a doubt this is one of the best synergies to date that innovates and revolutionizes the wine sector, showing how playing with other types of bottles that are not typical of the sector can do very interesting things. .

A minimalist Wineries design made purity and elegance.

As its name indicates Wineries is the design of this label, pure minimal, it is presented without artifice, without graphics, without vain words … That evokes purity.

Claret study It has been able to maximize the commandment of design “less is more”, has reduced design to a minimum Wineries to create a graphic that works on its own.

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